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SMW Security Ltd company policies full documents available at request.  

  • Health and Safety Policy, our general approach to health and safety. It explains how SMW Security Ltd as a company manages health and safety.

  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, our anti-bribery policy sets out rules and regulations for how SMW Security Ltd and our employees can handle potential bribes and corruption.

  • Environmental policy, outlines SMW Security Ltd’s commitment to reduce its impact on the environment, and provides a framework for setting objectives and targets to improve our environmental performance.

  • Equal Opportunities Policy, SMW Security Ltd’s equal opportunities policy is a formal document that sets out in writing an employer's commitment to fairness, and fair working practices, including the measures that we will take to help eliminate and prevent unfair treatment at work.

  • Quality Policy Statement, a brief document developed as part of SMW Security Ltd’s quality management system. It declares what we consider 'quality' in our organisation and outlines the processes we have in place to ensure that we meet the agreed standards.

  • Modern Slavery Policy, to publicly state each year the action SMW Security Ltd has taken to ensure their supply chains, in respect of the provision of goods and services, are slavery free.

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